Johannes L. Schröder: "As a contribution to PSi #14 I would like to suggest a choice of Schauwerk - BLACK BOX., which is displayed in a container, in which it will also be transported to the conference."
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About PSi # 14
The PSi (=Performance Studies international) conference #14 in 2008 takes place at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. It will represent the collaboration of several institutions in the Øresund region, and seek to encourage interdisciplinary approaches to the concepts of vision and visuality within Performance Studies.

INTERREGNUM is a term designating the exception, traditionally the period in between monarchs, but in a wider sense any state of disorder and discontinuity. INTERREGNUM thus does not only apply to a temporal break, but also to spatial in betweens or terrain vagues as well as to social and psychological states of exception. As a metaphor INTERREGNUM further refers to that which is in between disciplines, that which is interdisciplinary, postdisciplinary or simply ‘undisciplinary’.

Performance Studies international (PSi)
PSi # 14 is organised under the auspices of Performance Studies international (PSi), an international professional association to promote exchange among scholars and practitioners in the broad field of performance and performance studies. PSi holds its annual conferences at different places in the world, and they are always unique in the way in which academic discourse and artistic practice meet and enrich each other. Read more about the PSi organisation at the website [url][/url]